Balu 06 Dec 2018
Can you please let me know visarg in Telugu for the words that have deerg like prudwyaah, vidyaah...Thank you
rpy giri 26 Nov 2018
print font size enlarg why
Pardeeban 25 Nov 2018
I wrote one story in this, but now its saying there is no items in drafts. Please help me in getting back that story
Reddeppa 21 Nov 2018
Sir, it's not working in mobile browser
praneeth 16 Nov 2018
fgffbftg iam not good
PRANEETH 16 Nov 2018
how do you make this app
PRANEETH 16 Nov 2018
it's hard to use export to image
mahi 15 Nov 2018
how to copy in msword file
Siromani Nannuru 13 Nov 2018
the typed script was lost somewhere, though pressed save button. ,
Nandu Goud 01 Nov 2018
Its not working English to Telugu conversion.
babu 01 Nov 2018
its not working choosing disabled ahat ae do
Monisha 20 Oct 2018
How to get in Telugu the conversation
raju 19 Oct 2018
please tell me copy to save oppstion kaavali plz
JIMI吴 17 Oct 2018
mahesh 10 Oct 2018
How to chenge words big and small
devevder 24 Sep 2018
paper size how
radhika 10 Sep 2018
no help atall
radhika 10 Sep 2018
no help atall
Ramabahu 08 Sep 2018
A1 D ఆ1/4రంE2 E1 D
ram 06 Sep 2018
chetha la site idhi
mahender 09 Aug 2018
i mahender marpally ranga reddy
narsimha 03 Aug 2018
meeting not found in telugu in me second me dirghama ravatamledu
Hanumantharao 03 Aug 2018
i coul"d not fiend my saved matter and not getting draft also please help me
Hanumantharao 29 Jul 2018
I coul"d not get draft here please find out
SAILU 28 Jul 2018