mahender 09 Aug 2018
i mahender marpally ranga reddy
narsimha 03 Aug 2018
meeting not found in telugu in me second me dirghama ravatamledu
Hanumantharao 03 Aug 2018
i coul"d not fiend my saved matter and not getting draft also please help me
Hanumantharao 29 Jul 2018
I coul"d not get draft here please find out
SAILU 28 Jul 2018
radhika 24 Jul 2018
This is a wonderful site but the work done is not getting saved and it is a major drawback.
Sireesha 19 Jul 2018
Telugu Loki convert avadamledhu.
Murthy 15 Jul 2018
I saved many blogs in my account.. Now it says nothing is saved!! How to retrieve Pl advise
RAMYA 06 Jul 2018
raja 21 Jun 2018
kindly correct the site ASAP
nmrao 11 Jun 2018
export function not working from many days. export to image always shows "Server Error in '/' Application'. plz update.
sandya 08 Jun 2018
yantraangam word telugu lo correct ga raavatledhu plz update that
Husna 05 Jun 2018
Husna tum pagal ho
Surayya 04 Jun 2018
Not able to export to Image, its giving some error.
shashidhar 30 May 2018
Once I export the images, display shows Server Error..Please resolve the issue.
MASTER 29 May 2018
Mr.Sandeep you have to type yantrangam not yantraangam (aa kaadhu only a ok na)
sandeep 27 May 2018
yantraangam word telugu lo correct ga raavatledhu.. plz update that
digamarru in telugu 26 May 2018
when coping the letter same word not copy in the document/ letter
raja 23 May 2018
when can we expect your site normal in position.
mahendra 21 May 2018
when coping the letter same word not copy in the document/ letter
Siri 20 May 2018
English to telugu conversion is not changed why
vikram 27 Apr 2018
how to get the othulu in telugu ex: i want type peenati word in telugu
Naveena 24 Apr 2018
Bharath your write paraspara the that will Mutual k
Naveena 24 Apr 2018
I Saw Below Naga Was Write Wrainchu that's not correct naga garu You Write There Vrayinchu It's to better use full to you ok do you Under Stand
Naveena 24 Apr 2018
Super But How Can I Send to Mobile This Tell Mi