k appa rao 21 Jul 2021
when we are typing it is converting correct. But if we copy paste it is not copying as it is in word document. To get it as it is what shall i do.
sathwik 13 Jul 2021
how to copy adobe photoshop
B anu 02 Jul 2021
Help I love you Tulsi ram na brangaram
Giri Ruthika 30 May 2021
how to enable telugu search?
Ramya 04 May 2021
Not converting How to convert pls tell me
Sanju 23 Apr 2021
It's temperorily disabled ??
krishna murthy 15 Apr 2021
how to recover , just now written on abdul kalam
krish 08 Apr 2021
its nice for telugu typing
krish 08 Apr 2021
its nice for telugu typing
sai 05 Apr 2021
Is is nice app for Telugu
Kareem 26 Mar 2021
Tu waste it is not conveying in telugu
a upendhar reddy 10 Mar 2021
how to type roo second rooo
MADHULIKA 13 Feb 2021
Sarita 10 Feb 2021
how to type visarga in changati telugu typing
padma 09 Feb 2021
can we create tables in this version and we can type telugu in that table
k j rao 07 Feb 2021
bhanu 27 Dec 2020
nishvanth name show me correctly
venumadhav 22 Dec 2020
how to i access my account and to see saved copy
Sujatha 11 Dec 2020
Can I get get the link for the saved draft.
Sri 17 Nov 2020
by mistake un saved text got deleted, how to retreive that?
nsr sastry 11 Nov 2020
sir i used telugu trans latter many times. on windows 2007 .no problem at all . now i am using windows2010 . if we copy and paste on word some words are changing . while it is correct in changati .
Soumya 22 Oct 2020
How to read and write telugu and hindi
Soumya 22 Oct 2020
Telugu how to read
Kumar 22 Oct 2020
Not working after writing 2000 above words
SRUTHI 20 Oct 2020
not converting when typing text along with space itself